Hired my first caregiver from CCG recently (through reference). Though it was a lengthy process with all the extra details and quarantine needed due to the covid-19 situation, but I appreciate Michael’s patience and competence in handling the whole process, besides his sociable and helpfulness, I think CCG is delivering a good job in its field. I would certainly recommend to my friends and acquaintances if they require caregivers in the near future.

Mrs. Sylvia, FDW's Employer of Caring Caregivers

Caring caregivers have been helping me a lot on finding the right helper as per my requirements. With the exceptional customer service that they provide, giving me the 100% trust I have in them ensuring everything is going smoothly not only with the employer but with the helpers too. My special thanks to Michael who have been closely updated me without fail on the follow ups with the helper & also listen to my needs / concern that I have. I will definitely recommend them to my family / friends. Thank you Caring caregivers! You are amazing.

Mrs. Syuhadah, FDW's Employer of Caring Caregivers

My good friend referred me to Caring Caregivers (CCG) to find a helper. Michael from CCG is helpful and responsive. Michael recommended us Ibu Ami to work for us and she lives up to our expectations. Even after the helper is placed at our house already, whenever we need any translation or advice, we can always turn to Michael for his advice n assistance. I would recommend CCG to anyone who is looking for a quality helper.

Mr. Francis Goh, FDW's employer of Caring Caregivers

I am very happy with the service provided by Mr Michael from CARING CAREGIVERS SG PTE LTD. I called Michael for enquiries about transfer helper for my elderly parents as my current helper have to go back to her hometown at this pandemic period. I was very stress and I don’t know what to do. I called several agencies but their response is just no transfer maid at this time and cut off the line. Then a lady from transfer maid Facebook recommended me to call Caring Caregivers Sg Pte Ltd and that’s where I met an angel. Michael is a very good listener and assured me he will assist me on the helper’s application etc. He does it in a very professional way and he is a 24/7 guy as sometimes I texted very late and he still responded. He understand my needs and the processing was a breeze. Michael is quick to respond and gave me timely updates. Highly Recommended!”
I would recommend Michael to anyone who wishes to look for a helper and have an agent who has quick and great customer service and even follow up service checking with you on your helper after you have picked her back to your place, I called an angel.”

Mrs. Helen, FDW's Employer of Caring Caregivers
Thanks to Mr. Michael, CCG Singapore has been so helpful to the helpers that are coming to Singapore to better their lives.  We are all worried and do not know what to expect but Mr. Michael was very reassuring and made us feel safe and protected.  The advice provided is an encouragement to us and drives us to our goals.  We know that during this pandemic situation, there are many challenges regarding the processing of our documents but CCG was able to deliver.  They help us achieve our dreams of working in Singapore. Not only did they practice zero cost  but they also provided training for us so that we are ready for our role as caregivers & helpers in Singapore.
Ibu Agih Ilawati, Caring Caregivers

My sincere thanks to Mr. Nana, Mr.  Ryan & Mr. Michael.  I feel lucky to be recruited & trained in CCG.  The service I received and the zero cost promise is not a hoax.  I am now in Singapore.  I wish that CCG will be successful in all their future endeavours.

Ibu Venawati, Caring Caregivers

The first time I arrived at BLK CCG I was very happy with the zero cost program.  During my stay in the training center, I was happy to be trained to speak conversational English, infant care and elder care and this makes me feel ready to work in Singapore. The Head of the company and staff are nice people and I find it easy to speak with them.  The agency in Singapore makes me feel safe and welcomed when I arrived in Singapore.  I was afraid during the quarantine period but I was reassured by Mr. Michael from the agency and that helped me a lot.

Ibu Ami, Caring Caregivers

My sincere thanks to Mr. Michael as the agency of Singapore, he has contributed a lot to help and reach out his hand to Indonesians who are now in the land of economic crisis. Thank god for finding good people who helped in our career to Singapore that has been completed by zero cost without any pay cut. They have very much helped our economy with hard work and no complaints, they fought for us until we could be succeed. I feel very lucky to meet Mr. Nana as the head of CCG Tasikmalaya branch and also being introduced to the Agency of Singapore Mr. Michael. For your compassionate help I am able to be like this, thanks for all.

Ibu Winarti, Caring Caregivers
Thanks to the Singapore agency Mr. Michael who has helped us as Indonesian citizens who are currently experiencing an economic crisis. Praise to God, there are still good people who willing to help us so that we can enter and work in Singapore. As a helper candidate following the zero-cost program without any pay cut namely CCG Indonesia,  hopefully we could improve our family’s economy. Thanks to Mr. Michael’s advices and guidance we are now in a safe and comfortable condition. I also want to say thanks to Mr. Nana and all the other staff who patiently helped and took care of my documents. Most importantly, Thank you so much for accepting me to the company and finally I have arrived safely in Singapore.
Ibu Putri, Caring Caregivers
From CCG’s services, its very satisfying and qualified. Without being tired, they took care of all the important documents that I will bring to the country where I work. After arriving in Singapore, I am very grateful for the service and attention of the agent who took care and found the best employer for me to work for. Thank you for all your efforts and patience, may God repay all the kindness and success for  CCG Indonesia.
Ibu Camilah, Caringcaregivers