Isma Fujiawati or we can call it isma comes from Garut, West Java. She is the 1st of 3 siblings. Along with her husband, she works as a canteen keeper at a public school. Every day she can make a profit of 100-200 thousand every day. She works from morning until evening around 5 pm every day. She can also build a small house from her salary.

When the Covid-19 came to Indonesia, the school where Isma was selling was closed for 6 months. Since she did not get income, Isma decided to borrow 25 million rupiah from the bank. She thought that this corona would not last long, so she and her husband decided to borrow money to build a canteen at the new school and support her daily needs. But tragically, Covid lasted longer than she thought before. His loan money ran out over time. She had to borrow from other parties and even got trapped in an online loan.

But the suffering of isma did not stop there. After being entangled in a lot of debt and having no money to live on, Isma also gets another disaster, the thief stole her motorbike and some social gathering money at her house. It made her very devastated and very stressed. The burden of debt owned and the rest of the lost property taken by thieves made her very stressed. With this complicated problems, she decided to call an agency to be a domestic helper. 

Everything to get money

Starting from finding a facebook post about CCG, Isma decided to contact one of the staff. After she tried to apply to several foreign agencies, only CCG provides a zero cost and legal system. It didn’t take long for Isma to rush to ask permission to her husband and family to go to CCG training.

But another problem came. Isma does not hold any money to come to the training. She needs to pay for a medical check before she can enter the training center. Her husband looked for many ways to get the money. Finally he decided to borrow from his friend, Mr. Undang, who is a civil servant in the Garut city area. He begged – begging for his wife to go for a medical check-up. With the kindness of a Mr. Undang, Isma was given 1 million money for medical and supplies to participate during the training. With a happy heart, Isma went for medical and immediately joined the training at BLK CCG.

All these plans did not come up except from the support and encouragement of parent and husband who had given up on Isma to go to training. Isma also let her 4-year-old daughter go to be left away from her mother. All of these risks are faced by Isma to get a better life, a bright future and her debts can be paid off. Isma said that he would not go home until she could change her life to be better.