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Building a positive relationship with your helper or caregiver is essential for fostering a harmonious and supportive environment. A strong bond based on trust, respect, and open communication can greatly enhance the quality of care and create a positive experience for both parties. In this article, we will explore valuable tips on how to cultivate a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with your foreign domestic helper (FDW).

Communication is Key

Open and effective communication lays the foundation for a positive relationship. Regularly discussing expectations, routines, and preferences allows the helper to better understand how she can work in your household. Encouraging your helper to share their thoughts and concerns will also allow you to better understand your helper and foster a better working relationship. It is always great to listen actively, validate their feelings, and address any issues promptly to avoid problems from building up and eventually exploding. Transparency and the capability to solicit assistance are two of the initial elements toward good communication. To establish trust, you or your family members who are care recipients must be able to request assistance when necessary, and in order to for the helper or caregiver to deliver high-quality care, they must be able to inquire of the care recipient for clarification of a preference or concern or assistance in comprehending something new.

Regarding setting house rules on the phone usage, as an employer you could communicate this rule to the FDW from the beginning so that they are fully aware of your expectation. Also, make sure that your helper or caregiver understands how to seek help during emergencies. This also ensures that they are able to escape in time of emergency.

Respect and Appreciation

Recognize their efforts and express appreciation for the care they provide. If they made any mistakes, explain to them nicely. To become accustomed to something new, it surely takes time and effort. Therefore, patience is key. Small gestures like saying “thank you” and acknowledging their hard work also can go a long way in fostering positivity, as they will feel motivated to learn new things from you. Most helpers come from different backgrounds, some from villages far away from cities. As such, many helpers do not know how to use modern household equipment and may need to be orientated and taught not just once, but several times. Many helpers and caregivers leave their hometowns to pursue a career as a helper to better help their families financially, as such, they may feel lonely and tired working in Singapore. It would be great to show appreciation and even emotional support to helpers to help them adapt to working with you to maintain a healthy working relationship and a successful helper or caregiver placement. 

Clear Expectations

Set clear expectations is one of the things you can do to have a positive and collaborative working relationship with your helper. Set clear expectations regarding responsibilities, working hours, and tasks to your helper so that they know what to do. Your helper or caregiver schedule could be modified to fit your lifestyle, which will be quite beneficial. A simple but clear work schedule may help you manage your helper and free up your time for your own needs. By explaining your expectations to your helpers, they are more likely to understand how to cope and adapt in this new working environment. A well-planned schedule not only aids your domestic helper in settling into her new position but also outlines the tasks that must be completed. Additionally, this might assist your FDW with time management. The schedule could be prepared in English or even better, in other additional languages your FDW is fluent in. This clarity helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures both parties are on the same page.

Privacy and Boundaries

A sense of comfort is crucial for anyone to perform their best. By ensuring that your domestic helper has their privacy and personal space, you create a good working environment for them. Ensure that your helper has their own time and designated area to relax and unwind after work. It is best if you do not install any monitoring equipment in the migrant domestic worker (MDW) private spaces, such as her bedroom, changing room, or bathroom. 

Allowing your FDW to have a rest day is also a tangible way of respecting their privacy and boundaries. Just as we all value personal time to unwind and rejuvenate, they also deserve the same opportunity. In the event that a situation arises where your helper needs to work on their rest day, you have the delightful option to provide compensation in the form of a day’s salary or offer replacement days within the same month. Rest days are important because it allows them to get mental and physical rest from work and help them recharge. Good mental health and enough rest will result in a good working performance.

Regular Check-ins

Embrace the practice of holding regular check-in meetings, creating a warm space where you and your helper can openly share any concerns, suggestions, or ideas for improvements. These conversations can help you in addressing issues before they escalate and provide a platform for you and your helper to express their thoughts. Through regular check-ins you can as well educate them on how to seek help in times of emergency such as contacting the nearest clinic, emergency hotlines, etc.

Building a positive relationship with your helper or caregiver is a two-way street that requires effort, understanding, and compassion. By implementing these essential tips, you can create a supportive, respectful, and nurturing environment that benefits both you and your caregiver. Remember that a strong relationship is an investment that enhances the overall quality of care and well-being for everyone involved.

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