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401, 2024

Is It Ethical for Employers to Seek Assistance from Helpers or Caregivers on Their Off Days

By Caring Caregivers (R19C9594) In Singapore, the reliance on Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs), commonly referred to as maids, has been a prevalent solution for families needing assistance in various aspects of caregiving - from elder care to infant care as well as housekeeping. With the demanding nature of household chores and caregiving responsibilities, employers often find themselves in situations where they might need additional help, [...]

2912, 2023

Understanding Boundaries: Employer’s Request for Help on Helper’s Off Day

By Caring Caregivers (R19C9594) In the realm of hiring maids or Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) and caregivers, a crucial aspect often debated is whether it is acceptable for employers to ask for assistance from their helper or caregiver on the employee's off day. This complex issue demands a nuanced understanding of ethical boundaries, mutual respect, and fair treatment. Respecting Off Days: In Singapore, maids and [...]

2912, 2023

Ensuring Availability: Booking a Maid Service in Singapore for a Successful Placement

By Caring Caregivers (R19C9594) In a bustling city like Singapore, where families juggle multiple responsibilities, hiring a maid or Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) is often a valuable solution. Whether it's for elder care, infant care, child care, or general household assistance, securing a suitable helper requires planning and timely action. How Far in Advance Should Employers Book a Maid Service? Booking a maid service in [...]

2712, 2023

Hiring a Helper or Caregiver under Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

By Caring Caregivers (R19C9594) For individuals residing in Singapore under a Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP), the quest for a reliable helper or caregiver is a pivotal consideration. Whether you're currently employing a caregiver or seeking to hire one, understanding the intricate process and regulations under LTVP is paramount to unlocking the assistance you need seamlessly. Understanding the Regulations: Under the vigilant oversight of the [...]

1912, 2023

Navigating the Interview Process: Essential Insights for Hiring Caregivers and Helpers in Singapore

By Caring Caregivers (R19C9594) In the quest to find a reliable caregiver or helper in Singapore, the interview phase stands as a critical juncture that can significantly impact the success and satisfaction of both the employer and the Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW). To facilitate a smooth and effective hiring process, here’s a comprehensive guide on what to share during the interview to establish clear expectations [...]

1312, 2023

Understanding Your Needs in Hiring a Caregiver or Helper

By Caring Caregivers (R19C9594) As life’s demands grow and responsibilities increase, the need for reliable caregivers or helpers becomes more prevalent, especially in a bustling metropolis like Singapore. Whether it’s for elderly care, infant care, or child care, finding the right caregiver involves a thoughtful and comprehensive understanding of your needs. Employers often seek assistance from maid employment agencies to ensure a successful and ethical [...]

812, 2023

The Vital Importance of an Accredited Maid Employment Agency in Singapore with the Embassy of Indonesia

By Caring Caregivers (R19C9594) In the vibrant and fast-paced city-state of Singapore, the employment of Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) or maids plays an integral role in many households. When seeking to hire a domestic helper or caregiver, employers often navigate a myriad of options, including numerous maid agencies. However, one crucial aspect often overlooked is the accreditation of these agencies with the Embassy of Indonesia—a [...]

612, 2023

A Guide to Canceling a Helper’s Work Permit in Singapore: Navigating Ethical and Legal Dimensions

By Caring Caregivers (R19C9594) Singapore, renowned for its emphasis on family values and care, often witnesses families seeking reliable support through the hiring of Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) or maids. While this hiring process is a significant step towards ensuring quality care for loved ones, there might be instances where canceling a helper’s work permit becomes necessary. Understanding the process is crucial for employers to [...]

112, 2023

Effective Communication Strategies When Addressing Issues with Your Helper’s Performance

By Caring Caregivers (R19C9594) In Singapore, hiring domestic workers, commonly referred to as maids or Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs), is a prevalent practice among families seeking assistance with various household tasks like elder care, infant care, child care or housekeeping. While these helpers and caregivers play an integral role in supporting households, it’s not uncommon for employers to encounter challenges in communication or performance with [...]

2811, 2023

Navigating Termination of Contract with Your Helper or Caregiver (FDW): Essential Considerations

  By Caring Caregivers (R19C9594) As an employer in Singapore hiring a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) to assist with elder care, infant care, child care or housekeeping, there may come a time when terminating the contract becomes a necessary decision. This process demands thoughtful consideration and ethical handling to ensure a smooth transition for both parties involved. Here are crucial points to ponder upon when [...]