CCG Indonesia is one of the companies that work in the procurement and training of TKW to the destination country. Singapore is one of the destination country for this company. The migrant workers are trained by experts in terms of knowledge, attitude and language at the CCG Indonesia Training Center.

In this training center, at least 2 months, the staff train the helpers until they are ready to work in the destination country. Here, they are taught how to take care of babies, take care of the elderly and become housemaids. These 3 categories are the main keys for TKW to become workers in the destination country.

Uniquely, not only these three categories are taught in this training center. they are also taught how to make cakes by the housemother. One of them is a sponge cake made by the helpers at training center CCG Indonesia. The housewife teaches how to make sponge cake starting from buying the ingredients until the final process into a gorgeous and delicious cake.

By having skills such as making cakes, we hope that the helper can be more independent and can help the employer in cooking what the employer wants. This skill will really help the helper to be better prepared to entertain employers.

At training center CCG Indonesia, we always conduct the best possible training so that the output of helper is promising and ready to work.

Caring Caregivers is always here to provide the utmost support and help for you to hire a helper. If you have any inquiries with regards to helpers or want to have a free consultation with regards to hiring a helper, feel free to contact Michael at +65 8606 7550 or click the contact us button.